Charles Tolbert, aka Bliss Ananda, was born in Washington, D.C. and began studying music at Anacostia High School. His instruments of choice, at that time, were trumpet, harmonica and piano. After graduating High School he attended college in Allentown, PA studying electronics and sound recording. It was there that he became interested in the violin and began to teach himself how to play. After 2 years in Allentown he returned to Washington, D.C. and started studying violin at UDC and privately with Eddie Drennon, a well known violinist. During this time he co-founded The Sufi Rain Orchestra performing many concerts and recording sessions. He then teamed up with Howard University's jazz DJ Wendell Williamson and co-founded D.A.T.A. Music Productions and Dowe Sound Lab recording studios. After enjoying years of success playing concerts and recording he co-founded, along with John Holloway, JOYTI and released the CD "Life Is." During this time he also helped concert master Gary Daum restart the NIH Community Orchestra. This program reaches out to seniors in nursing homes and others in hospitals. All proceeds are donated to the Institutes. Bliss Ananda is currently working his new CD entitled "Trinity."

CONTACT: Charles " Bliss " Tolbert
Phone: 301-257-6104 or 301- 252-9460

Aishah Striggles is featured on the Trinity CD as a poet at the end of track 6 and all of track 7 and 9, she is a gifted writer and arranger of music. Aishah is also a seasoned astrologer, a Reiki Master and the author of the healing manual entitled A Message for the World.

Aishah Striggles
Phone: 301-455-7650 or 301-649-5970