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Bliss the Violinist offers fans a divine music experience with his riveting third independent album "Trinity Too." Released June 25 on Ananda Records, "Trinity Too" is an exciting follow-up to Bliss' stellar independent efforts "J.O.Y.T.I." and "Trinity." And as we all know, the third one is a charm! Not since the late Noel Pointer has the music world been so electrified by smooth, jazzy and soulful violin playing, with the spirit and passion of musician Bliss the Violinist.

Consisting of twelve tracks, which are of diverse musical styles from Jazz and R&B to Funk, Alternative and Neo-Soul, "Trinity Too" boasts songs which are bold reflections of Bliss' many moods and life experiences. The album's music will move, soothe, motivate and relax listeners while healing their souls. "Trinity Too," which appeals to all music lovers, will be available in select retail outlets and online music stores.

For Bliss the Violinist, "Trinity Too" has a strong sentimental value, particularly since it represents the last musical experience that he shared with his fallen friend and exceptional musician Wendell Williamson of 3Dub Media. Namely, the album's widely acclaimed lead single "Slow Down" was co-written and co-produced by Williamson. Bliss credits Williamson for providing him with unyielding encouragement and invaluable music/career guidance. Inspired by Williamson, Bliss dedicates "Trinity Too" to his memory.

After listeners are afforded the smooth sounds of "Slow Down," an unforgettable music journey begins, making stops at a wide array of tracks. On "Faith," Bliss highlights the art of spoken word with poet Aishah Striggles. Piercing lines are delivered on "Faith," which evolve into a heightened fusion of spoken word and Neo-soul. The track is centered on the theme that "Faith" is the universal force that keeps people together.

"I See You" is a funky up-tempo track, which is an instrumental, built on the premise of seeing the creativity of people as they go through life and the world. Another sharp song on "Trinity Too" is "LA Groove." Without a question, this track is an ode to the days of power-hitting instrumentals, a-la Stanley Clarke. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the commercial music industry, instrumentals have faded to black. With "LA Groove," the instrumental is vibrantly brought back to life.

Even Bliss's videographer Andrew Winters delves into his music side on "Trinity Too." Winters creatively exercises his innate love of music on "Play That Violin," an electrifying track that pays homage to Bliss as a musician. To round off the song's sound, a Go-Go element was incorporated. "Trinity Too" was nearly three years in the making. Notably, loads of hard work has yielded a refreshing final product, chock full of great music.

In addition to crafting the art of studio albums, Bliss is also a hot commodity on the Washington, D.C. entertainment circuit. This seasoned violinist has headlined an array of events, ranging from music festivals, fundraisers and political events to up close and personal stints at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, churches and nursing homes.