Bliss Ananda Touches the Masses with Music

Washington, D.C. – April 2016-- Charles “Bliss the Violinist” Tolbert, aka Bliss Ananda, has been soothing the palates of listeners with his electric violin for over 30 years. Whether performing solo, with an ensemble or a 10-piece jazz band, this extremely accomplished musician has touched the ears and souls of thousands this year alone with key performances from New York City to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, where he recently won over the hearts of audiences at the Our City Radio Music Festival. Bliss Ananda’s keen musical sense and love of entertaining allow him to effortlessly capture crowds of all sizes.  He is like a musical chameleon in that he can change his style to accommodate just about any genre, from Celtic, jazz, rock, R & B, soul, to downhome blues, and more contemporary sounds. 


While touring in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Bliss Ananda was a huge hit among listeners with his multiple performances throughout the island.  He always received a very warm reception with patrons and had extensive media exposure; no doubt Bliss Ananda expanded his wide fan base. In just a year’s time, Bliss Ananda has amassed over 120 performances. At least 10 times a month, Bliss Ananda takes his show on the road, treating jazz enthusiasts and contemporary music fans to the unprecedented sounds of his signature blue electric violin. Whether it is original music or covers, Bliss Ananda adds his eclectic touch to every performance, resulting in electric audience grooving. 


Bliss Ananda boasts a very diverse performance schedule. His performance philosophy is based on the belief that music is a panacea. He feels fulfilled if he can make just one person’s day better with his music, and he performs to bring a smile to fans’ faces. From notable performances at the White House, massive outdoor venues such as the Merriweather Post Pavilion and national conferences, to intimate sets at the trendy Rockville Town Center’s VisArts performance venue, birthdays and other respected gigs, Bliss Ananda makes crowds of 50 to 10,000 people smile. 


Although performing is an essential love of the seasoned musician, who plays 7 instruments (and sings), Bliss Ananda takes pride in teaching the youth. Since 1980, Bliss Ananda has been teaching the violin and piano in various capacities, including serving as a formal educator with Fred Frost and his Community Youth Orchestra for several years.  Now, primarily through private lessons, Bliss Ananda hones the talent of his clientele.  With extreme passion, the musician says “I constantly reflect on how music saved my life.  In turn, exposing the youth to music and providing them with a health outlet and hobby is my personal way of giving back.” A true testament to Bliss Ananda’s work is the success of former student Allen Price, who Bliss taught from age 9-18. Notably, Price is now a freshman at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston.  


There is no slowing down Bliss Ananda, who is still reveling in the success of his coveted “Trinity Too” album. Bliss Ananda can’t wait to reach the masses this year with all the great things he has in store, including new musical projects and recordings.  Growing popularity and visibility have certainly afforded Bliss Ananda with a prime position on the entertainment circuit. Bliss Ananda is in demand, and he thanks God for his so many gifts, opportunities, and fans.